Alice in Wonderland
Case Study

The Brief

As an event prop hire company that creates visually stunning pieces, Instagram is a natural platform for us to showcase all of our unique, lovingly handmade party props. And it was through our Instagram account that we were discovered by someone who was very impressed with our work, and who wondered if we could conjure up some magical Alice in Wonderland party props for an upcoming children’s party.

It just so happens that Alice in Wonderland is one of our all-time favourite children's stories, so the thought of falling down the rabbit hole and making Alice in Wonderland party props left us grinning like a Cheshire cat! The client who enquired about the possibility of Alice in Wonderland party props was a lady who wanted to treat her children to a massive party after the boredom of lockdown. And what better way to alleviate that boredom than an Alice in Wonderland-themed party? Following an exciting brainstorming session we presented the client with our proposed mood board for our envisioned Alice in Wonderland party props. The client then became as excited as us, and so as not to be late for this very important date, we immediately began the process of creating the props and planning the party’s styling!

The Solution

The Outcome

You can hire our Alice in Wonderland party props for your party!

We are so fortunate that we get to earn a living creating bespoke pieces like our Alice in Wonderland party props, in fact, every day feels like we are living in our own fairytale! But whilst we are fortunate in doing a job we love, you are also fortunate as you can now hire these amazing Alice in Wonderland party props for your event. As you can see from our photos, we can transform a party space into an Alice in Wonderland fantasy land that will leave your guests spellbound. For more information simply contact our team, and before you know it you can also fall down the rabbit hole and be transported to this magical realm!