Why hire a wedding stylist...

... and, while we're on it, why hire a wedding coordinator?


Image by Gemma Giorgio photography

The obvious benefit of having a stylist, is that we (or they!) can create the look you want - which, as you may have already found, can be much harder than you think!

Image by Gemma Giorgio photography

We work to ensure that we really understand your vision for your wedding, or, if you don't have one, then we will create some for you to chose from!


Working in the industry means that your wedding coordinator will know which suppliers you'll like - who will fit your style & who will fit your budget, too!

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Our knowledge of, and contacts in, the industry mean that we know which suppliers you can rely on - and we have spent years building relationships with the absolute best in the business!

Image by Jess Soper photography

These years have also been spent getting some invaluable experience under our belts, so we are likely to have some suggestions you haven't thought of yet, that will really put the cherry on top of your day!

Image by Jess Soper photography

When it comes to us, we're pretty much a one stop shop, in that we can style AND coordinate your wedding. This means that we can be your main point of contact, which will be sure to reduce stress levels, allowing you to enjoy the process of planning your wedding, and the day itself (that's where having a coordinator really comes in to its own!).

Image by Charley Smith wedding photography

With our new team, Rock the Day don't only create ideas; we create, well, pretty much whatever you want! Our amazing Designers can make props just for you to give your day an entirely personal style!

Image by Charley Smith wedding photography

To see more of our work take a look at our Gallery - and please do get in touch if you have any questions! We would love to hear from you!


Love, RTD x



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