The Studio: Before & After

As you saw in our last post - WE HAVE A STUDIO! Yay!!

We are very proud of it, mostly because it's beautiful but also because, when we first found it, it really, really wasn't.

Here is how this space looked before...

I know, right?!

It took quite some work to get it looking like this...

All 'after' images by Laura Beresford Photography

The space hadn't been used for a year, so our first job was to clean. A good, proper, hands and knees, scrubbing the walls, kinda clean. We picked the hottest two weeks of the year to do this, so that was a bonus... oops!

We hadn't had our own studio space before, we'd always met with couples in coffee shops or at venues, so we needed to think about how we were going to utilise this new space! 

Aleks hard at work!

We decided to use the main room as our studio/workspace/consultation area, so that you lovely lot can have a nice place to sit in while we talk through ideas and plans, while surrounded by props for inspiration! We also got our hands on a table from wonderful Anthology Vintage Hire, to function as both a desk and a table-scape to then go through styling ideas with couples.

The two other rooms we thought would work well as storage areas for the props we have amassed over the years - stretching all the way back to our Vintage Garden Wedding days!

Team Rock the Day: not afraid of a little hard work!

To get started on the decor, we first was to whitewashed everywhere!

Then, we painted the main room in our branding colours - we decided to keep the walls fairly neutral so we could display lots of different props at any given time.

The consultation area was a real labour of love! Laura found an original 1930's sofa on Facebook and we all fell in love with it - in theory! The real love came after we ripped it apart, and Magda lovingly reupholstered it with a gorgeous mustard gold fabric, which looks great against the grey wall. To finish it off, Aleksandra made our gold and silver grey feather tree, which looks fab in the corner!  

Our reupholstered sofa was enjoyed by all at our Launch Party!

The absolute worst job of all was the floor...

There was an ugly blue carpet that we couldn't waited to get rid of - until we pulled it up and revealed a lifetime of even uglier vinyl tiles... that were glued down... not the happiest we've ever been!

It took us TWO days to scrape the vinyl tiles off, but once we had, we had arms like Olympians!

We chose a grey and white baroque pattern for the new (and vastly improved) floor; we went for lino as it's easy to clean and nice and easy to lay after all that work on the tiles!

We absolutely loved the final look of it, so all the hard work was definitely worth it! Everyone that has seen the studio has been blown away with how it all looks.


We want to give a big THANK YOU to our families - without them none of this would have been possible - and another to all of our wedding pals, whose support has been overwhelming! THANK YOU!!


RtD x