The best Party props for your themed Halloween party

Party props for your themed Halloween party
Halloween party table decorations for hire
Once the leaves turn golden and the smell of pumpkins is everywhere, you know that Halloween is just around the corner! And who says that Halloween is just for kids? Adults can easily throw a spooky bash, ensuring a raving time!
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If you’re hosting Halloween this year, consider picking a theme to elevate your party to the next level. Planning your event around a certain theme encourages you and your guests to be as creative as possible. In addition, having a well-thought theme will also help direct the costumes, party props, invitations, food and beverages, and more!
There’s only one Halloween, yet so many nightmarishly good Halloween themes. If you don't know where to start, we would like to give you some suggestions for the eeriest themes you can pull off:
Day Of The Dead
Day of the Dead Halloween party theme
Dia de Los Muertos, commonly known as the Day of the Dead, is a Mexican tradition that honors and welcomes the spirits of those who have passed away. Instead of mourning and reverence, which is considered insulting, it is believed that one must accept death as part of life and celebrate it as such. 
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Day of the Dead is intertwined with the rich culture of Mexico, so your bespoke props should include bright and vibrant colours. Flowered arches, skull garlands, and paper lanterns are some of the party props you could aim for. Suggest to your guests to come dressed up as skeleton spirits and try to present death in a more fun way.
Day of The Daead Halloween party decor
Nightmare Before Christmas
Nightmare Before Christmas themed Halloween party decorations
The Tim Burton classic is a great theme for your Halloween bash. You can decorate by getting a barren tree and hanging eerie ornaments like spiders, eyeballs, and skeletons. Some bespoke props could be Jack Skellington lanterns or a “Welcome to Halloween town” banner. Don’t forget to scatter glowing pumpkins all around to honour the Pumpkin King!
NIghtmare before Christmas Halloween party entrance
Haunted House
Creepy Clown Halloween entrance decor
You could go all out with the Halloween party decorations for the haunted house theme - cobwebs, ghosts, skeletons – you name it! For some extra spookiness, you could even set out some animatronic tombstones that will scare your guests even before entering. Finish up your Halloween party decorations with melted candles, potion bottles, and freakish portraits. As a bonus, you could place witches' cauldrons filled with drinks, ideally for the self-service of the guests. 
Now we know that these themes are mainly intended for adults, but you might find yourself in a situation where kids will attend your party – don’t fret! Instead, you can decorate a separate room with kid-safe party props, such as soft toy pumpkins and many monsters. Try to add as many activities as possible to keep them busy throughout the night, and most importantly – don’t forget the candy!
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If you liked some of these ideas, but don’t know how to make the party props yourself, that’s where we come in! We feature event prop hires that could create just about anything for all kinds of occasions and themes. Get in touch with us, and we will make your dream party come true (even if the dream is a nightmare)!