'Stranger Things', brought to life

Earlier this year (back when events were still happening - oh what a time it was!) we were asked to collaborate on, what turned out to be, our absolute DREAM job: a 'Stranger Things' themed family party.


This was no ordinary family party, this party had WOW factor at every turn and we were so pleased with the impact our bespoke props had!


Rock the Day | Event Styling | Stranger Things theme


We were asked by Taylor Lynn Corporation (who are all about innovative and memorable events, and therefore are a PERFECT partner for Rock the Day!) to create some props for a private event they were working on.


We were invited to create a bespoke sign, to be used for an entertainment area dedicated to vintage arcade games, a centre piece, depicting the terrifying scene in which Nancy reaches out to Jonathan from the Upside Down (and we, the viewer, vow never to visit the woods again), a backdrop, of the iconic alphabet wall Joyce creates to communicate with Will; and, last but not least, a dancefloor based on the incredible map Will creates of the Upside Down while in a demogorgan-induced trance!


See, we told you it was a goodun.


Rock the Day | Event Styling | Stranger Things theme


Here, we're going to talk you through the creation of these amazing (if we do say so ourselves) props!


First, the 'Break Through Wall' that greeted guests at the door...


Rock the Day Bespoke Props Event Styling


Let us say straight off - the client WANTED to shock their guests, we weren't just feeling mischievous. That said, once we had permission - we went for it!


Aleksandra and Magda came up with a plan that involved copious amounts of expanding foam. We started by creating cut out structure, made with plastic and resin, added the foam for texture, and the pièce de résistance was a slimy hand!


Rock the Day | Bespoke Props | Event Styling
The initial frame (& Aleks)
Rock the Day | Bespoke Props | Event Styling
Magda, working with the afore mentioned copious amounts of foam!
Rock the Day | Bespoke Props | Event Styling
Amazing the difference a lot of foam & a little paint can make!
Rock the Day | Bespoke Props | Event Styling
& a scary hand, of course!
Next up, was the arcade sign. We cut this from plywood and hand painted the design. It worked perfectly with entertainment area, which featured retro computer games and kept ALL the guests entertained!



Then it was time for the 'Alphabet Wall'
Rock the Day | Bespoke Props | Event Styling


Aleksandra really enjoyed hand painting the alphabet to recreate the wall in Joyce's living room! We searched hard to find a replica print wallpaper from the eighties.


Rock the Day | Bespoke Props | Event Styling


The time spent was SO worth it, the finished backdrop was perfect!


The most time consuming of all the Bespoke Props we made for this event was the 'Map Wall'. Never ones to cut corners, we used HUNDREDS of scraps of paper and then scribbled on them to recreate the map from the original series!


We then stuck these - one at a time - on the dance floor and up the wall, and laid vinyl on top, so that guests wouldn't slip!


Rock the Day | Bespoke Props | Event Styling


Overall the event look INCREDIBLE and we were so, so thrilled to see our work making such a big impact on the beautiful venue.


If you have an idea for an upcoming event, we hope that this shows you we can bring any vision to life! Get in touch to learn more about our Bespoke Props service, or visit our Props page for more info!