Props for our Props!

As well as styling & coordinating your wedding, we also design & make bespoke props for you to hire for the big day. So, basically, when it comes to your wedding's aesthetic, we've got you covered! We don't call ourselves your wedding Fairy Godmothers for nothing!

What's a prop anyway?

Props are SO impactful and are the most effective way to ensure you achieve the look you want for your day. The term 'prop' covers everything from table plan to bar. (Yep, we can make you your own bar - cool huh?)

Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke prop hire |  Prosecco bar

Gin/Prosecco Bar

As you can imagine, the more all these pieces work together and compliment each other, the slicker your wedding is going to look. 

Plus, whoever provides your props also takes them down and away at the end of the night, so, with us, you can have one port of call for everything, from table numbers to outdoor games - easy!

So, what's on offer?

You can choose from our collection or you can get in touch and we can work together to create a bespoke product - just for you!

 Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke Prop Hire | Table Menu

Copper Pipe Table Stand


 Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke Prop Hire | Wedding Chair Backs

Hooped Fringed Chair Backs


Way back when (OK last year, but it seems like a lifetime ago now!) before the three of us were Rock the Day, Alex & Magda made such great props that Laura only ever wanted to hire them for weddings she was Styling. Hence, we combined to create RTD. 

But, we've told you that story before. My point is, the pieces these two create are AMAZING and not like any others. But, more than that, the three of us have developed a relationship that means Alex can design precisely what Laura's thinking of, and Magda can create it in such a way that it will function in exactly the way Laura wants it to. We're almost telepathic now days - it's kinda creepy, but we like it!

 Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke Prop Hire | Macrame Hoops
Macrame Hanging Hoops


 Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke Prop Hire | Macrame arch
Macrame Backdrop

Having a bar at your wedding dedicated to your favourite drink, or a table plan that nods the the country you has your best-holiday-ever in, or to where you got engaged, is such a beautiful way to personalise your wedding. That's why we are so happy to offer our bespoke props service, because what's more bespoke than a relationship? We love being able to help our couples represent themselves and their love at their wedding!

Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke Prop Hire | Wooden animals 

Wooden Animals



Hanging Hoops

To view our full Hire Collection, click here. To view our Props Packages, click here.

If you don't find just want you want, then let us know!

Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke Prop Hire | Games

Ring Toss game


Rock the Day Styling | Bespoke Prop Hire | Games
Beat the Buzzer

Whether you have a design in mind and need us to bring it to life, or you just know you want to bring a little fun to the day and want us to design something for you - get in touch! We would love to work with you!

Love, RtD x