Planning a wedding? Here is how Rock the Day experts help newly engaged.

Wondering about how to plan a wedding that will leave your guests awe-struck? Below, we have provided all the right answers for you!
Wedding styling by Rock The Day
Wedding styling is an integral part of the wedding planning process. It sets the mood and tone of your big day, while at the same time it conveys the theme to your guests. Props are essential in bringing the ultimate look together. From sparklers, photo booths, smoke bombs, and vintage crockery to customized giant letters, beautiful floral installations and walls – we have everything to make your big day rock!
Wedding prop hire Essex
If you are a newly engaged couple thinking about how to plan a wedding, we got you covered! Our unique inspirational ideas are perfect for modern brides who wish to make their event even more special and joyous. Moreover, we also have a palette of bespoke  props to help you curate the day of your dreams.
Wedding backdrop for hire from Rock The Day Essex
When it comes to our wedding prop hire, we feature a contemporary and iconic play of colours and shapes, explicitly tailored to suit your aesthetics. What if we told you that you could create a bespoke entrance area infused with sophistication and elegance?
Wedding aisle by Rock The Day.
Having a fabulous aisle  décor will create an everlasting first impression on your guests. You can adorn the entrance with so many unique ideas, including curtains, drapes, fancy lights, and floral installations – you name it!
Have you ever thought about how having an amazing photo booth on your big day will amp up your theme? Photographs are such a major part of any event – and the perfect tool to make this opportunity more fabulous. We bet that your guests will love such a fun and joyous activity. Plus, this is an iconic way to capture the special moments you wish to remember forever.
Moon Photobooth. Party  hire, wedding props by Rock The Day
Moon Photobooth-Rock The Day wedding hire
Imagine exchanging vows with the love of your life whilst standing in front of a beautiful floral wall adorned with lavish blossoms and gorgeous colours. The radiance, charm, and elegance provided by the floral decorations will undoubtedly leave a lot of people speechless.
Similarly, you can also opt for floral installation as centrepieces. Guests love the fine details and different styles, so this wedding styling idea can prove to be a gorgeous addition to your big day.
wedding centrepieces by Rock The Day-wedding hire
Including a statement party factor on your big day is never a bad idea, which makes confetti your new best friend! You can have large confetti balloons or simply decorate your photo booth with the colour mix. The best part is that this decorative element is available in so many different shades to match your colour palette. And if you are thinking about how to plan a wedding in retro style, including neon signs will be the perfect option for you. 
You & Me wedding neon for hire. Wedding prop hire by Rock The Day
Personalised signage is also making a huge hit in the wedding industry. Having a welcome sign is a fabulous way of setting the tone and mood for the rest of the celebration. You can choose from many options – modern, minimalist, tropical, chic, and rustic – or chalk them all up! Get inspired by your inner creativity and opt for something that will perfectly match the style of your big day.
parsonalised wedding signage by Rock The Day
Props add an elegant touch of customisation to amp up the aesthetics of your special day. These ideas sound amazing, don’t you think? And our styling services will definitely make everything seem possible!
Wedding styling Services by Rock The Day
With the various options available, you can mix and match fun accessories to create the backdrop of your dreams. What’s more, you can also customise the event prop hire to match your vibe and theme. Click here to dive into the world of endless decoration ideas and bespoke props for your big day.
Rock The Day Party and event hire Essex
Here’s what you should know before working with us
We are a team of professionals that provide styling services to rock your big day (you can see where we got inspired for our name!) With years of experience in this industry, we can help you have an iconic day that will be remembered for years. You can use the wedding prop hire services we provide, and turn your dreams into reality.
If you are wondering  how we manage to answer the question of how to plan a wedding, get familiar with what we do:
  • When a bride or couple reaches out to us, we always invite them for a non-obligation/consultation to our studio. We love to provide unique ideas to couples who are looking for bespoke prop hire services, and this is the best time to discuss them. If you are interested, you can also contact us by visiting our website.
  • During the meeting, we talk about the details of the big event. These include; date, venue, style, the theme of the décor, and of course, what they expect from us to do. This is so important since it helps us get an accurate understanding of what you demand from us. You can go for prop hire only, order our styling services or uniquely tailored; bespoke props (for example signage).
  • We ALWAYS recommend making a Pinterest board and share with us so we can actually see what you are looking for and how we can meet your expectations. Having a mood board is so helpful – it enables us to accurately describe the style, theme, and décor you want to include on your big day. You can also visit our page for inspiration! 
  • We also try to stay in touch ALL THE TIME. Why? Because we want to make sure that we are doing exactly what is expected from us, and that you’re satisfied with the results.
Vintage LOVE letters for hire. Rock The Day
If you are a newly engaged couple who is looking for unique ideas on how to plan a wedding, we got you! Call us on 01376 341426 to book your free consultation with us to discuss the theme and style of your big day. We will be happy to provide you with our wedding styling services, so let’s create the event of your dreams together!