How to make your wedding memorable for guests

How to make your wedding memorable for guests
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A truly special wedding can live on in our memories long after we have waved the happy couple off on their honeymoon. We have all attended weddings that stand out in our minds as being intimate, fun, and most of all – memorable.
But what makes a wedding day exceptional? How can yours stand out so that your guests make memories that can last a lifetime? If you are in the process of planning your wedding, here are some tips on how to make it more memorable for guests.
Encourage your guests to chat
We know that you have invited all your best friends and the family you love to your wedding day. But guess what? That does not mean that they know and love one another! It can be really daunting to go to a wedding, especially if you are a single guest, and it isn’t always easy to just open up and talk to a stranger.
A great way to combat wedding shyness among your guests is to try and have them mingle before the ceremony. Find some amazing icebreakers and give them the chance to get to know each other. This could be a great way to make the day a bit more comfortable for everyone.
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Choose great wedding favours
Wedding favours can be a little hit or miss. Our advice is to opt for wedding favours that your guests will actually like and use – or something they can snack on!
It doesn’t take that much imagination to come up with something cute and fun that they will love. It can really show that you have thought about them, rather than just following a tradition.
Find a magical venue
Where you hold your wedding can be a really huge part of how memorable your day is for your guests. So don’t just opt for the obvious boring place! Think big. Make it unique to you.
There are many unique and unusual places you can choose to have your wedding and reception – the only limit is your imagination. Not only that, but remember to think about how you want to decorate the area. Whether you want an enchanted forest wedding reception or to marry in a castle, bespoke props and some lovely bespoke decor can really make your venue shine.
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Theme your day
A fantastic way to make your wedding more memorable is to theme it! Have you got a favourite book or movie, a favourite season, or a historical time period you find particularly romantic? All of these ideas and more could create an unusual theme. You can build your entire wedding around this to give your day some real wow factor, and to top it off you could even choose a wedding band that ties into the theme – a jazz band for a 1920s theme, for example. You could even ask guests to dress up and get involved in the theme for added fun.
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With these helpful hints in mind, you can create a wonderful day for everyone. And your wedding day will live on – not just in photographs, but in the stories you tell, and the memories you keep close to your heart.