How Rock the Day’s backdrops to hire can make a party look incredible

How Rock the Day’s backdrops to hire can make a party look incredible
Backdrop to hire by Rock The Day. Wedding prop hire, event styling London
Geometric backdrop to hire by Rock The Day.
Do you always look for detail to make your party look absolutely gorgeous, epic and unique? We get it, you need something to illuminate the space and give the event character. Well, our backdrops to hire are your solution to achieve the desired effect! They are outstanding decorations with the power to impress your guests and make your party memorable! 
Versatility at its finest 
Backdrop to hire, wedding prop hire, event styling London
Best Day Ever backdrop to hire... Just tell us the colour you would like
The greatest thing about backdrops is that they can be used for every type of occasion. Name a party, and we have a matching setup for it – if we don’t, we will create it! So, when you don’t know how to impact the ambience of your event, consider backdrops to hire. You can never go wrong with our one-of-a-kind backdrops!
Moreover, they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, meaning you can find a match for every event decor aesthetic. Whether you are throwing an elegant celebration or a whimsical social gathering, we have something for every theme and style. 
Effortless arrangement 
Bacdrop to hire, wedding prop hire, event styling London
Another backdrop to hire from our collection
.When you need event decor that will not take up much of your party area, backdrops to hire are an ideal solution. You can set them up in any indoor and outdoor environment and do that quite quickly and simply. 
Plus, backdrops can hide unsightly areas or objects in the party space. For example, you can use a backdrop to cover a plain wall or a storage area. This can help to create a cleaner and more polished look for your event. 
And since we are talking about prop hire, you will not have to store your backdrop anywhere. We know how difficult it is to pack up decorations and find a suitable place. However, with our backdrops, you will not have that problem.
Setting the tone of your party
Backdrop to hire, Moroccan themed party decorations, event styling London
Moroccan style backdrop to hire
Besides making the party venue look astonishing, backdrops are the perfect tools for setting the tone of your event. They are bespoke props that can match your theme and create a focal point for your celebration. Every party needs a “wow” effect, and with a backdrop, you certainly get one!
Bacdrop to hire, wedding prop hire, event styling London
They can be the perfect background for a wedding top table or an amazing setting for the dance floor. Moreover, they can be an excellent way to create a fun and memorable photo booth experience. By using different types of backdrops, you can create different settings and themes that guests can pose in front of. This can also give the party a fun and interactive element, as guests can take pictures and share them on social media. 
The backdrop to match every occasion 
Backdrop to hire, wedding prop hire by Rock The Day
We have bespoke props for every occasion! Our goal is to provide you with the decoration YOU have imagined for your party. 

Wedding prop hire, bacdrop to hire

Moon backdrop to hire by Rock The Day.


Are you looking to enhance the atmosphere of your party and create a memorable experience for your guests? Look no further than our bespoke backdrops to hire! We offer a range of props to make your guest feel they are in a different place. 
So why wait? Contact us today to hire one of our stunning backdrops, or browse through Pinterest for inspiration. Let's make your party unforgettable!
Wedding prop hire, backdrop to hire by Rock The Day