Great Gatsby Themed Party

Great Gatsby Themed Party
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We have rocked the day as we brought the flashiest era in American history back to life and we're so thrilled to share the details. The Great Gatsby Themed Party is inspired by the early Hollywood style that celebrates the Art Deco movement. Choosing this iconic theme in your event will allow you and your guests to step into a world that's extravagant and mesmerizing that it will leave everyone captivated.
Great Gatsby Themed Party, bespoke backdrop
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Inspired by Long Island's Jazz Age, the Great Gatsby Themed Party is everything that you have dreamed of and more. If you find yourself fascinated with the glamor and lavish lifestyle of this raucous era, then watch as we create this scene using the wide range of party props that are available in our collection.
Great Gatsby party, bespoke signage, party props, Great Gatsby party, bespoke signage, party props

Aside from our party props for hire, we also offer bespoke services for a more personalized event decoration that will suit your style and preference. For those who need more details about the Great Gatsby Themed Party, we will be outlining the main features of the theme for you. The information below will be useful especially if you decide to take advantage of our bespoke service in transforming your event into a memorable and marvelous affair.
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What is the "Great Gatsby"?

"Great Gatsby" is an amazing novel set in the Jazz Age on Long Island, New York in the early 1920s. It elaborately depicted the "roaring twenties" or the golden age of jazz music including its sophistication, modernism, and exuberance. In this era of economic prosperity, middle-class women adorned themselves with embellished dresses that featured knee-high skirts that were scorned and considered obscene at the time. Pleasure and self-indulgence are the precepts that ruled the youth of this era which makes the Great Gatsby Themed Party more exciting. Jay Gatsby, the titular character of the novel, is a young mysterious millionaire who amassed his fortune from bootlegging or smuggling alcoholic beverages. He used his fortune to throw lavish parties serving unlimited alcoholic beverages to unknown guests in the hopes of reuniting with his one true love. This brought the wealthy New Yorkers to Long Island to revel in his epic parties especially since there was a nationwide ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages during that time. The novel showcases the extravagant lifestyle as well as the explosion of exciting new fashions and designs of this glorious era. In the 2013 film adaptation of the novel, you will be amazed by the visually striking production design and costumes shown in the scenes especially in Gatsby's epic parties. No party is as extravagant as the ones thrown in Gatsby's mansion and recreating this very scene in your event using our party props for hire will reward you and your guests with memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.
Great Gatsby party, bespoke signage, party props
What are the features of the Great Gatsby Themed Party?

When you think of the Great Gatsby, you will imagine extravagance both in fashion and design. We can transform your special occasion into this early Hollywood style with stunning props for hire designed using clean lines and geometric shapes in gold and black colors. Since Art Deco was the dominant style of the era, you will see the prominence of these clean lines and geometric shapes in the Great Gatsby Themed Party. The uniformed pattern of elements will then be softened by silky fabrics, feathers, pearls, and crystals combined to visually evoke opulence. Silk is a whimsical fabric that exudes luxury and comfort to the design. The fabric is soft to touch and can regulate temperatures which can effectively add comfort to all the guests in your event. Feathers are also prominent in this theme for it symbolizes luxury. In the Great Gatsby Themed Party, you can expect these luxurious feathers to be adorned everywhere. The intricate form and pattern of a feather can effectively add interest to the overall design. Pearls and crystals are also necessary elements that contribute to the glamor of this theme. With the help of our creative team, we can have all these elements decorated together so that you can open a venue set in the extravagant early Hollywood style that you can be proud of.
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Early Hollywood Style

The early Hollywood style is the epitome of the 'Golden Age' of Hollywood back in the early 1900s. It is a style that radiates sophistication and class that's unique on its own. There's a lot of reasons why you would love the early Hollywood style in your event decor. First, it is bold and timeless which means that your venue will never be boring with all the vivid decors that will be incorporated. As the event passes and goes down memory lane, reminiscing it with photographs will be just as good since the decorations are timeless and will continue to be visually appealing no matter the era. On top of that, the Great Gatsby Themed Party designed in early Hollywood style is gender-neutral which means that it can work in any type of event. Whether you want it to be a theme for a birthday party, bridal shower, or even wedding, this theme can fit perfectly well and can be appreciated by all your guests no matter the gender or age. In this theme inspired by the glamorous era of extravagant parties, each decor piece and ensemble will definitely spark conversations during the event and for years to come. If you want to take your celebration to a whole new level, then rent our party props for hire or get in touch with us to discuss your specific brief.
Great Gatsby party, bespoke signage, party props

Rock the Day is a company of expert designers who are passionate about creating remarkable event props and decors. In our curated selection, you will see a wide range of the Great Gatsby Theme Party Props for Hire that can instantly transform any space to the glamorous early Hollywood style. We understand that decorating your own party can be time-consuming and stressful. Knowing that there are people who will take care of the decors in your event in a professional manner will allow you to focus on other important matters that will help ensure the success of your party. If you have a bespoke idea about your event or any question regarding our services, please do not hesitate to call us on 07511 104001 or at our studio on 01376 341426. You can also send us an e-mail at or
We would love to hear from you and we are excited to be part of the success of your glorious celebration!
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