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Would you love to throw a Great Gatsby themed party but don't know where to start? Keep reading and learn more about it here.
How to Plan a Great Gatsby Themed Party: A Guide
Are you planning a big event?
Step back into America's roaring twenties with a Great Gatsby themed party. Gatsby understood that nobody could truly capture the American dream, yet offered moments of freedom to his guests.
A few lessons from this character will make you the best party host around. Nail this theme and wow your guests.
Read on to learn how to plan a Gatsby party!
Plan Big
Gatsby knew how to entertain like no other. His parties roared louder than this productive time itself.
Bring your party ideas over the top. To do this, pay attention to every detail and make it a night nobody could possibly forget.
Send Invitations
In the book, The Great Gatsby sends Nick a handwritten invitation. Invite your closest people with a fancy note.
But, set the tone that others will also show up as they hear about it. This means that you must plan for many more people than you actually invite.
Art Deco-rate
Think art deco when decorating. Party ideas include hanging pearl strands, putting up mirrored pieces, and setting up a bold geometric print backdrop for photos.
Use fine crystal prop glasses to serve drinks. Hang a crystal chandelier for the finishing touch.
Serve Speakeasy Specialities
Congress made alcohol illegal in the United States, where this story is based, during the roaring twenties. Of this law, speakeasies were born.
A speakeasy refers to a bar disguised as something else, such as a beauty parlour, where people would order innocent-sounding cocktails and keep it all a secret.
Serve speakeasy specialities at your themed party. You might even hide the bar for a little flare.
Dress the Part
Made up of the social elite, everybody at Gatsby's parties dressed to impress. Dress in formal 1920s garb and encourage your guests to do the same.
Men should put on a linen suit with peak lapels. Shine your shoes!
Ladies can show up in a flapper-inspired dress. Say yes to fringe, gems, and a feathered headband!
Jazz It Up
Jazz up the party with 1920s inspired music. During that time, jazz music essentially created the culture.
This music inspired everything from fashion to decore. It even empowered women for a life-altering movement, so pay homage to this during the party by making one song only for the ladies!
You could simply play jazz over your home speakers. But, if you want to take it over the top in true Gatsby fashion, hire a band!
Spread Rumours
It may seem like bad manners to spread rumours around a party. But, everything had something interesting to say about Gatsby's life.
Make a game of this. Encourage your guests to spread rumours about the host.
At the end of the night, ask each person to vote on their favourite one. What better prize than handing out a collector's copy of The Great Gatsby?
Enjoy Your Great Gatsby Themed Party
Though Gatsby never did quite enjoy his own parties, you should have a blast at yours. Celebrate the things he couldn't during that time period at your Great Gatsby themed party!
We want to help you make every detail count! Contact us to help you create the greatest Gatsby party.