Events and prop making in 2020 so far...

Hello lovelies, long time no speak. We’d ask how you all are, but that seems like kind of a stupid question really. Obviously, 2020 is RUBBISH.

But it has also taught us all a lot, like the importance of coping with change, and especially the importance of gratitude.

And, of course, the importance of keeping your Distance...
Rock the Day | London, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire

All of us at Rock the Day are so, so grateful for our wonderful business and our lovely clients. While events we’ve been working on are being cancelled left, right and centre, the way that everyone has done what they can to support each other has been beautiful to see.

Of course, with Covid-19 hitting the events industry hard, this is a scary time. But, we’re lucky enough to be able to use the down time in weddings, parties and other events to focus on the other areas of our work.

Which got us thinking, do you lovely lot really know what we do? We share a lot from weddings and events we've styled, but there's a lot more going on! 

So, let us tell you all about it…

At Rock the Day, we are equal parts styling and prop hire. Luckily for us, we can style anything – events, sure, but also TV productions, branding photoshoots, fashion photoshoots, dinner parties - and anything else that people can think of to entertain themselves while we’re trapped inside (with our minimal number of companions!)

Lately, we’ve been busy creating bespoke props for styled photoshoots, branding photoshoots especially (we’re thrilled to see so many business owners using this time to improve their brand – the determination is inspiring!). Here are some examples of shoots we’ve been working on…

Branding shoot: Rock the Frock Pre-Loved

Styled photoshoot | Rock the Day | Photoshoot Styling London, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire

Photography by Marie Wootton Photography

This branding photoshoot was a joy to work on! Bridal boutique, Rock the Frock Pre-Loved wanted to show case their amazing dresses, so we used earthy tones to contrast the beautiful, clean ivory gowns. We LOVE this colour pallete, especially our gorgeous new backdrop, which will work perfectly for some upcoming Christmas styling we have planned!


Branding shoot: Wonderland Invites

Branding photoshoot | Rock the Day Styling | Photoshoot London, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire
Photography by The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography

Working on a branding photoshoot for Wonderland Invites was a total dream – Jenna, the talent behind the incredible business, agreed to get in front of the camera, meaning that both she and her work were in the spotlight. Well, actually, the sunlight! Jenna is the self-certified Queen of Boho, so anything other than a 'feet in the grass' feel would have been plain-wrong.

Branding photoshoots are all about conveying who you are, as well as what you do, and capturing the essence of your brand is vital. We love working on branding shoots because, no matter the size of the business, it’s all about digging deep in to the beliefs, purpose and identity of the brand.

As well as working on events, throughout London, Essex, Suffolk & Hertfordshire, on a myriad of photoshoots and on creating bespoke props and decorations, we also work in styling and dressing for TV production.

One project that brought all of our expertise together was...

Lucy Can’t Dance fashion show

TV Production | Set Styling | Rock the Day | Styling London, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire

Photography by Jodi Hanagan & Marianne Chua

This incredible catwalk event was a celebration of all things Lucy Can’t Dance (meaning it was a great opportunity for a branding photoshoot alongside filming!), it was a public event (meaning event decorations, overall styling of the venue) AND it was a TV production (meaning props galore; the smaller details that would be loved by those in attendance but missed on screen wouldn’t cut it – we needed this to be a BIG impact event). We absolutely loved creating bespoke props for the event and Lucy Can’t Dance picked out some of our favourite prop hire pieces, too.

TV production | Rock the Day | Event Styling London, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire

We work across London, Essex, Suffolk & Hertfordshire, so if you’re looking for prop hire or styling services for any upcoming TV projects or photoshoots, please get in touch. We can create bespoke props for you, or you can choose from our prop hire collection.

Thank you for indulging us in this little catch-up! Look out for our upcoming blog full of ideas for Christmas styling – things that will work at an office party or at home. We'll be showing you how to make this your most beautiful Christmas yet, regardless of that Covid-19 brings!

In the meantime, stay safe and stay positive. Lots of love, the RTD team x