DIY Weddings (& how we can help!)

 We love a personal touch at weddings - we love a personal touch all over them, in fact - and one way to achieve a truly personal feel is by going D.I.Y!

Don't worry - you don't need to do everything yourself: You could pick out a couple of areas that you really want to put your stamp on; or think about your skills and apply them where they best fit; or you can come to us with your ideas and we can make the props for you (we LOVE doing this)!


To give you some ideas, here are a few images from a friend's wedding - we helped out with planning and styling, but Lauren was really the creator of her whole day. Check out her D.I.Y highlights...


Lauren had a family friend make her wedding cake - and it was beautiful! This is a great way to save money, and to get the best baker in your family to share their yummy skill!

And beyond the cake, why not go B.Y.O for dessert? Lauren asked her guests to bring a cake - they were displayed on a dessert table, enjoyed by all (saving the cost of dessert) and then a vote was taken for the Best Cake! Mary Berry eat your heart out.


Get creative! 

Lauren's bridesmaid made awesome signs (which you can see above) for the day - and she also made these place cards with a difference, using Scrabble letters!


Know anyone with a flair for flowers?

Lauren's mum made the bouquets herself! 

And the tables were decorated with flowers from Lauren's aunt's garden - which is where the reception was held!


This amazing table plan was made from a vintage map (an excellent charity shop find - if you're going D.I.Y, charity shops are your new best friend!) - each table was named after a country the couple visited together. So sweet!


And of course, if you're full of ideas but lacking in time, you can always come to us and see what we can create for you! Check out our online store & galleries to see what we've made so far!


Love, RTD x


And PS - our top tip: Don't ask anyone to do anything they're not confident with - while guests will love feeling involved in your day, but they won't love feel under pressure. Bare this in mind when assembling your work force!


All images by Photographers of Your Wedding