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If you know us, you already know that we are all about providing fresh wedding inspiration for the modern bride who LOVES unique ideas. If you don’t – well, expect us to absolutely rock your day!
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Recently our creative juices were simply overflowing, so we felt compelled to style some tables with our props. As a devoted wedding prop hire company that really wants to stir things up and introduce some out of the box ideas, we decided to show you the trends that are currently dominating the season.
We have some amazing new arrivals and a whole palette of bespoke wedding props to choose from, so it is only fitting to bring them to the table, literally! For the styling, we worked in a venue that we adore when it comes to the aesthetic – both interior and exterior-wise. As the space you choose will also set a certain tone, it is vital to plan your most special day in a place that can convey your theme. For us that venue was Houchins!
Setting the Scene – Houchins – Tradition and Heritage Meet Modern Allure
Why did we choose this spot? It is quite simple – the venue embodies the perfect blend of a rustic feel, steel, industrial concrete and wooden galore! Each of these elements speaks to us, especially when we wish to showcase a style that marries sophistication with a contemporary touch. Due to its versatility and the right combination of styles, we often design our vision here, so it is no surprise that it has become one of our preferred places.
When planning your day and envisioning how to use our wedding prop hire services, it is crucial to choose the space where you can bring your vision to life. But worry not, even if it is a blank canvas, our party props can completely transform and adorn it! How? The below inspiration will ensure you pull off everything seamlessly.
Part 1 – Monochromatic Dreams With a Touch of Glam
It is no secret that when it comes to the modern monochromatic approach, there is a certain feel of understated elegance. But what if we told you that you can scale it with some glamorous touches, infuse it with a laid back yet sophisticated vibe, and even make a bold impression with a few simple touches? With our prop hire services – everything is possible!
In this case, we started with setting an iconic entrance or welcome area with some black framed stands. Along with the frame to hold the sign, you gain a plethora of ideas to adorn it with greenery and lavish white florals that leave a unique impression. We decided to include white candles that can serve as an illuminating touch as your guests enter your wedding. Paired with the sign that features modern elegant calligraphy, it gives off a sophisticated flair that sets the tone from the beginning.
black and white wedding decor | prop hire Essex | monochromatic wedding decor | modern wedding decor for hire Essex
black and white wedding decor | modern wedding styling | prop hire Essex | party hire London | monochromatic wedding decor
When it comes to the tables, we loved the wooden base that the Houchins venue provides. It allowed us to include a refined touch with a monochromatic scheme. From including black plates with a matte finish and gilded tableware to using our bespoke wedding props like candlesticks, table numbers and black frame lanterns; the styling was immediately elevated. Complemented with a soft white table runner to enhance the aesthetic, and green foliage that adorned it, we curated a unique tablescape that creates a serene feel to enjoy the atmosphere.
wedding styling Essex | prop hire London | black and white party decor by Rock the Day
black and white wedding decor | bespoke signage | welcome area | prop hire Essex
Choosing this theme will allow you to create a beautiful guest experience. Not only is it elegant and modern but it also doesn’t clutter the space too much. And yet, it features a generous amount of interest – delicate textures wonderfully entwined with clean elements! Oh, and we definitely loved glamming up the atmosphere with those iconic disco balls that are the element of surprise as soon as anyone enters the venue! Throw in some faux greenery, and voila – a cohesive styling for the fashion-forward elegant bride.
Part 2 – A Contemporary Play Of Colours and Shapes
geometric wedding decor | colourful modern wedding decor | bespoke wedding props | party styling Essex
For this second styling, we had so much fun playing with shapes and colours! When it comes to our wedding prop hire we have actually hand-paint some of our elements to help you create a more personalised experience. For example, the under plates were specially tailored to fit the overall colour scheme, painted in muted ruby red and ochre. And as you can see, this time we decided to realise another idea that is completely opposite to the monochrome. This is a theme that is modern and minimalist but with another aspect to make it bold – colours! Even though they lean towards a muted palette, they are perfectly vibrant to enchant any guest. The ochre grounds the deep pink hues and accentuates all objects!
bespoke props Essex | prop hire London
Besides the tones, we also played with geometric shapes, evoking a sense of authenticity and contemporary charm. Why use ordinary traditional shapes when you can take things up a notch and include donut and geometric vases? Not only will they spark something to talk about, but they will serve as a stand-alone decor that doesn’t even require so many florals to begin with. You can include some faux or dried flowers if you wish, but even if you don’t – these vases are compelling enough to serve as decorations. Pair them with some beautiful table numbers, modern candlesticks and candles that match the colour palette, and you are already halfway to creating a bespoke table setting.
Once again we used the black matte plates but this time in combination with dusty pink under plates and black tableware for a modern unique feel. The great thing about our party props is that you can create various combinations and use them for different themes. Trust us, each combo you make will result in elegant and creative styling which will be memorable for everyone attending!
bespoke wedding styling | geometric decor | colourful wedding decor | prop hire Essex | modern wedding London
From Dreams to Reality
We hoped you loved our themes as much as we enjoyed creating them for you! If you are already thinking about booking our wedding prop hire services, please contact us and enquire. We would be delighted to help you translate your ideas into a one-of-a-kind wedding styling.