Bespoke event props by Rock the Day

Bespoke event props by Rock the Day
Including bespoke event props is crucial for pulling off a one-of-a-kind occasion. Why? Because they help set a personalized tone and complement the ambience of the party. They also play an important role in expressing your creativity for your event, accentuating the theme and venue.
That being said, our services include offering enchanting and completely unique party props for various occasions. From crafting wooden plinths for phenomenal performances on stage, and bloody moon to Christmas-themed parties; to designing butterfly wings (selfie station), and angel wings – we love creating so many different bespoke props to match your authentic vision. All of the decorations are customized according to the theme and aesthetics of the occasion to set the right vibes for the main day.
Decorating the venue or the site is an important part of an event. Careful planning and great attention to detail make these ornaments even more special and magical. The best part? Our bespoke props are a perfect amalgamation of creativity, artistry, grace, and sophistication; specially curated to reflect your epic vision!
If you are looking for inspirational decor ideas, have a look at these amazing event props that we created for our clients. We are certain that their aesthetical values and intricate details will leave you in awe!
The decor was ordered by an esteemed healthcare company named Numan. The company launched a bunch of new products for blood tests and the theme of the event was ‘blood party’. We cannot even describe in words how much fun it was to create event props for this party! We created a theme using a dark shade of red colour but staying away from the Halloween or romantic Valentine’s Day look. It was challenging but we managed to pull it off by creating a bespoke bloody moon party prop for the event.
Here are pictures of an occasion held at Jesus May ball in Cambridge. The theme of the event was to ‘take the fly’ and honestly we loved creating props for them. We manufactured a phenomenal selfie station encompassing clouds, butterfly wings and angel wings for the entrance. Everybody loved it!
Any Netflix fans here? If yes, we have you covered! There are so many ways to add elements of personalisation to your events. Just like this Alphabet Wall inspired by the famous Netflix Series, The Stranger Things. We love creating bespoke props for private Netflix-themed parties. It was extremely fun designing something that is related to the series. Plus, this theme made a major comeback now with the release of the new season.
This part will really shock you. We also created impressive decor items for an innovative entertainment company named the blackrabbitprojects. We got a chance to curate an iconic wooden plinth for their on-stage performance. As you can see, it turned out to be spectacular!
If you are looking for amazing event prop hires that can turn your dream decorations into reality, head over to our website right now and contact us. We take pride in creating bespoke event props for different occasions and themes.