Alternative venues - outdoor ceremonies!

Essex has some lovely out-of-the-ordinary places to get married, from beautiful barns to listed buildings, but some of our all time favourite venues to style are outdoors!


Image by Gemma Giorgio


Tipi weddings & festival weddings are always awesome! Here are some of the shoots we've done, for a little inspiration...

We loved working on this styled shoot with Country Tipis
Our peacock chairs look perfect outdoors!


And if open spaces are your thing, check out this shoot at Wild Woodland Weddings farm land...

We were in our element styling this space!

Outdoor weddings are a dream in theory, but they can be tricky to pull off! You don't want your guests to be shivering by the evening, dreading using the loo or coming unstuck after dehydrated daytime drinking!

So, here are some tips from us...

  • Make sure you have a good sound system - always check with your DJ/band that they can arrange a setup that means all your guests can enjoy the music!
  • Be sure there is plenty of water on hand for guests if it's a hot day - alcohol is dehydrating at the best of times; if you're starting early and in the midday sun, many will be surprised by their tolerance level (or lack of) come 4pm!
  • Check that you have a permit to get married outside! This is not a given!
  • Make sure your guests are aware that the wedding is outside, so they can dress accordingly! You don't want to put your aunt's nose out of joint when her best heels are sinking in to the lawn. And sun cream is a must, for all!
  • Be careful with food outdoors; be sure to discuss cover and protection from sun/wind with your caterers.
  • Have a plan B - which ever date you choose to get married, the weather can always surprise you. Most good venues have an indoor area for guests to retreat to if necessary. Another option is to have a tent pitched up - if you go with this, make sure it's sturdy!


    Image by Gemma Giorgio


    And, above all, make sure you have all this in place in plenty of time, so that you're not worrying in the build up about what the weather will be like! If you're happy with the rainy day option then sunshine will be a bonus!