Who we are

Rock the Day are a collective of creatives who utilise our combined skills to make your wedding or event tangibly and perfectly YOU.

Our unique mix of styling, artistry & ingenuity mean that whatever you envisage for your event, we can make it happen. And if you're struggling to decide on a vision then we will very happily create one for you!

Rock the Day Styling | Wedding & Event Styling | Team


Meet the team...

Rock the Day Styling | Wedding & Event Styling | Laura Celiz | Stylist

Laura is our head Stylist.

After years of working in the charity sector in, 2013 Laura entered the wedding industry. With three busy years of Wedding Styling and co-coordinating under her belt, Laura's next step was to team up with Alex & Magda in order to offer her couples' an all-in-one-place approach to Styling.

Since working as a trio, Rock The Day have found that they can turn their hand to much more then weddings and now love working on a variety of events.

Laura loves interior design and expressing herself through fashion. She has a great eye and a natural affinity with people that gives her the ability to interpret & understand our clients' own styles and ideas.

As well as Styling your events, Laura's favourite thing to do at RTD is coming up with new & exciting prop ideas, which she then hands over to...


Rock the Day Styling | Wedding & Event Styling | Alex Beasley | Artist

... Alex. Rock the Day's prop designer & maker extraordinaire - anything you want, Alex can make for you.

A trained artist, with a flair for painting & pottery, Alex grew up & trained in Poland. After moving to the UK in 2007, Alex worked in antiques centres & galleries, surrounding herself with art & beauty. All the while creating beauty herself, through multiple art forms, in her spare time.

She then she began to make props for hire and, after working with Laura on a few projects, they decided to team up and haven't looked back.

Alex loves nothing more than designing & creating bespoke props based on our clients' vision for their wedding or event!

Rock the Day Styling | Wedding & Event Styling | Magda | Artist

Magda is also a trained artist - because why have one when you can have two?!

While training (at the same college as Alex - these two go way back!) Magda specialised in ceramics. Another special love of hers is working with fabric – sewing, upholstering, garment production... all things fabric are Magda's area here at Rock the Day.

Having previously worked as a furniture restorer, Magda has a passion for restoring and for reviving things whose beauty is fading - evidence of which you will definitely find in our Hire Collection!



What We Do

At Rock the Day we offer a variety of styling services, unique handmade props and completely bespoke creations.

Everything from wedding arch hire to table dressing will be safe in the hands of our team. We're here to ensure that your wedding or event is everything you want it to be and we can be as hands-on or as in-the-background as you need us to be.

Rock the Day are committed to providing a friendly and professional service - and, more importantly, to ensure that your wedding or event is unlike any other. Our completely bespoke services mean that we can work together to bring your vision to life.



Here's a little about how we work...

The first step in working with us is a visit to our studio & showroom, in Braintree, Essex. Pop in to see some of our work, chat to us about what we do and to discuss your wedding or event.

Rock the Day Styling | Wedding & Event Styling | What We Do

From talking through your ideas, we'll get an idea of your style, of what you want for your event and of how we can help!

We do offer Styling Packages and Prop Packages, but if they don't provide exactly what you need, then we’ll create a package just for you.

Rock the Day Styling | Wedding & Event Styling | What We Do

After we meet, we'll get planning, do some initial designing and create a personalised Pinterest board just for you.

Then comes the venue visit, followed by a full design plan. Once you're happy, we will begin product sourcing and prop making!

When it comes to props, our Hire Collection may have exactly what you're looking for. If not, it's time to get bespoke! We love creating new things and we LOVE a challenge - nothing is impossible here at Rock the Day!

Please contact us for a copy of our Rock The Day Props brochure!